To Eat and Drink

Experience the regional delicacies of the Charente and Perigord. Visit the markets in the morning where you will find fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the area and poultry reared locally as well as regional products such as foie-gras and truffles from the Perigord or fresh oysters from the Charente-Maritime.

Perigord regional delicacies
The cuisine of the Perigord is not for those of you on a diet although many restaurants do now offer lighter alternatives and vegetarian options.
Foie-gras served a myriad of ways, ‘chevre-chaud’, hot goat’s cheese salad with walnut dressing and confit – preserved duck, deliciously tender, or ‘omelette cep’ made with mushrooms freshly picked in the woods nearby.
All this accompanied by a fine Bergerac wine!

Charente regional delicacies
The Charente is better known for its drinks Cognac and Pineau. Cognac is drunk as a digestive whereas pineau is the local aperitif.

After your pineau aperitif try some fresh oysters from the Charente-Maritime, or slice a Charentais melon in half, scoop out the seeds and pour pineau into the melon then eat………………..delicious!

In season the famous Charentais ‘cagouilles’ or snails can be eaten either with garlic and butter sauce or my favourite is stuffed with a spicy mixture of ham and tomato.

Oysters of the Charente-Maritime can be found at the market Villebois or on a Tuesday at Mareuil.
The special production process of the distinctive flavoured Marennes-Oléron oysters of the Atlantic west coast of France is not to be missed. Season best October to March.

We go mushroom picking in the woods and fields around the property. Ceps, chanterelles and girolles can be found if you know where to look. Be careful not to pick the wrong ones! If in doubt buy fresh mushrooms, gathered that morning, from the local market. Cep omelette is a regional delicacy of the Perigord.

Restaurants can be found in the nearby towns of Mareuil, Villebois Lavalette, Verteillac, Brantome or Riberac.


Wine tasting Dordogne –

The property is not far from the Bordeaux and Bergerac wine regions.
The lovely town of St Emilion is about an hour and halfs drive.

Wine tasting Charente –

At Mareuil near the supermarket you can find ‘Cave des Vins et Epicerie’ . They sell wine to suit all tastes and pockets as well as all other alcoholic drinks including regional specialities. The owners are very willing to explain about the different wines they have and you can try before you buy! English spoken.

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