5th May orchids in flower at Lagland

Sword leaved helleborine and Lady orchid next to the barn at Lagland

We are into orchid season here at Lagland. On the plateau Argentine, 1km from the cottage, thousands of orchis morio are in flower.If you follow the road from there to Lagland you can see lots of lady orchids now in full bloom. The pyramidals and fly orchids are just beginning too. In the meadow, on the woodland edge the burnt orchids are looking their best at the moment – more this year than I’ve ever seen before. Must go take some photos of them in the sunshine.
Found an Early Spider orchid too! see photos

Forgot to mention the sword-leaved helleborine which is in the woods intermingled with a lovely flower, like a small foxglove, maybe a type of melissa.
Photos taken 5th MayPICT0002PICT0009PICT0003PICT0005

17th May 2009
The Greater Butterfly orchids are beginning to flower and the pyramidals with their shocking pink coloured petals are everywhere, including the field at Lagland.


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