Bats gone or gone bats 11th August 2008

(The redstarts have made their nest in a niche high up in the porch entrance at Lagland again. They come every year and usually successfully raise 4 fledglings. I think they still think its an old barn as I have left the barn doors in place as a reminder of what it once was.)
Update June 5th
They have hatched and flown the nest. Infact I found the nest on the ground in front of the porch so I’m assuming they are all doing alright.


Now a family of bats have moved in. I don’t know what sort. They roost nearly all day in the barn entrance and go off at night to feed. The guests at Lagland had a bat flying around in the bedroom one night but they eventually persuaded it to leave them in peace.

11th August 2008

The bats have gone for this year!


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